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Welcome to the website of KELVIN HAN, the originator of the V3Go System. One of the youngest self made millionaires and most controversial trainers from Singapore, not from just training but trading for himself when he was just a very young age of 19. By the age of 31, he coached more than 3700 graduates from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

What is this V3Go System all about?

V3Go is the brainchild brand of KELVIN HAN, similar to the world wide brand of Sir Richard Bransonís Virgin Airline. Kelvin started with a borrowed S$15,000 from his mother to begin his trading career and racked up more than S$1 million in profit in less than 2years, during the worst period for trading with the Crash of NASDAQ and the endemic of SARS terrorizing both the financial and economy. (to read more... click here)