Kelvin Han is the most controversial trader and trainer in Singapore as not only did he made millions for himself via trading but he also lost millions due to his naivety towards the Reality of Mankind in the vicious business realm. He paid a great penalty for the lesson.

Kelvin Trading History

Since young, Kelvin loves soccer and has been a Liverpool and AC Milan fan since then, Financial markets never interested him but one fateful day, he tumbled on a financial magazine article, revealing what happened to Wall Street in 1987 whereby more than 508 points were lost or 22% of the value and billions evaporated during that single day. Legendary traders like Paul Tudor Jones and Jim Rogers racked in millions while Michael Steinhardt and George Soros took a beating. People around the world were committing suicides, leaping off building or carbon gassing themselves in cars, leaving tantamount debts behind.

"Is the world crazy or nuts to lose so much money and doesn't know why?"

was the question that propelled Kelvin to run to the nearest library to search for more answers.

He borrowed Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham books but he was not impressed by purely fundamentals and was searching for the ultimatum.

He tumbled onto George Soros's 1992 Pound Bet article which saw the latter rise to world recognition and named the primary key speculator who wrecked havoc in the 1997 Asia Financial crisis later. He was impressed with Soros's alchemy of reading and trading the financial market from a total different perspective.

* Soros's Reflexibility concept was the key foundation to Kelvin's V3Go System later *

Unlike a fairy tale, his maiden trades were completely disastrous, a really bad start at a commodity house which left him losing his entire capital of S$5000 in just 2 consecutive nights because he followed the advice of the most senior trader then.

Not giving up, he began to seek and ask for advice from many different traders but none of them were sharing much which actually made Kelvin to think whether they were really making it as a trader.

He used Reverse Psychology and began to ask people around him, why and how they lose money and Eureka! People began to pour loads of trading war stories to him and Kelvin took them all down on a A4 papers and began to realize that people that don't know one another are making the same mistakes repeatedly!

* If 100% of people trade in the market and 90% actually don't make money then all I need to do is to reverse people's constant mistakes and act upon it. *

He borrowed S$15,000 from his Mother and never looked back after that.

His Downfall

He was convicted to 6 months of imprisonment because he was penalized under the Penal Code as he had No License for Fund Management in the Stocks and Futures Act, in year 2006 which saw him losing everything overnight, from the Boss of 3 companies in Singapore, Indonesia and China, staying in landed property with parents, owning private businesses to absolutely nothing and even in deep red with the Bankruptcy Office in Singapore.

What Happened?

Being young and ignorant and thirsty for more in life, he made the grave mistake and of entrusting the wrong people in life and handed a great amount of his personal wealth which included his friend's ,to overseas entities in exchange for greater profit margin which eventually was not traceable after 3 years of business transaction.

The Long and Tedious Pathway to Recovery

Upon his sabbatical, he tried very hard to recover in life, worked with several different partners but most of them were more concerned at milking him than actually helping him out.

In the financial education world, such a black spot credential of such will always invite negativity from people and Kelvin has had to bear it all. From incredibly tenacious and vicious SMSes, to lengthy hate and threatening emails to physical tormenting of having knocks on the door by legal and illegal debt collectors. His innocent family members were in total despair.

Kelvin's being a Leo in character, and always a winner and the Strong one in many people's eyes, had his darkest hour. Indeed, this young man had not once but many times thought of suicide by leaping off his 9th story home in Tampines and honestly who wouldn't if face with the same circumstances.

But with the strong love and support from his parents, sisters and lovely wife and his group of true friends which they called themselves as Kelvin's Team, Kelvin kept fighting and eventually he took the step to go abroad to find a way out for himself.

He Found The Right People and Moved On

In Indonesia, he tried to work with several people but of course with his high prolific background it was never easy for him to gain trust and time was tough. There were times he had to survive on skipping meals and instant noodles on borrowed money. If to borrow the quote from Shakespeare that Life will never be smooth sailing then Kelvin was definitely going through the storm.

But being religious and strong in his belief for Buddhism, constant recitals of the Da Bei Zhou (The Merciful Sutra) gave him inner peace and calmed his nerve.

Finally, fate and chance arrived and Kelvin was introduced to a Boss of an Indonesia Futures Brokering company and the benevolent Boss gave Kelvin the green light to revolutionize the company's system and created the very first Trader Academy in Indonesia.

Not only did he orchestrate many great events but he also invited many top ranking people in the financial industry to grace and participate in the events.

Kelvin's Goal in Life

He wants to retire all his backlogged debt with his OA and wants to restart his life once again. His method is to use V3Go System to coach more people properly, make trading a possible career in life and lift the currently unranked brokering company to the Top 5 by the end of 2012.

He needs a lot of traders and people to work with him to achieve this dream.
Would you want to join his strong team and build this dream of his come true?