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Welcome to the website of KELVIN HAN, the originator of the V3Go System. One of the youngest self made millionaires and most controversial trainers from Singapore, not from just training but trading for himself when he was just a very young age of 19. By the age of 31, he has coached more than 3700 graduates from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It was his big 6 digit gains from trading the CRB Index and Hang Seng Futures Index between 2000~2002 that propelled him to set higher goals in life which was training. Following what happened in 1986 when Legendary Prince of the Pit, Richard Dennis and William Ekuhart opened themselves to training people from all walks of life as long as they have the passion and drive to become Professional Traders. Kelvin wants to mimic this great endeavor but he will do it in a total revolutionary way to ensure stability in monetary income for each individual and he will share with you how to do this when you attend his V3Go Mentoring Program and join his V3Go Trading Team.

What is this V3Go System all about?

V3Go is the brainchild brand of KELVIN HAN, similar to the world wide brand of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Airline. Kelvin started with a borrowed S$15,000 from his mother to begin his trading career and racked up more than S$1 million in profit in less than 2 years, during the worst period for trading with the Crash of NASDAQ and the endemic of SARS terrorizing both the financial and economic markets.

Enduring many hard knocks along the way as he was never trained by any mentor or given formal training, he proved to many naysayers that the V3Go System, the system he created could be the answer to make trading a career for a person and become a Profitable Professional Trader just like a 9-5 job but with even better prospects.

Over the many years, he bought and read more than 150 books about trading and investment and came to the conclusion that the Wall Streets' education provided to thirsty traders and investors was obviously twisted, a huge conspiracy to suck dry the innocent and this shared knowledge is definitely unworkable let alone to stay profitable for long.

Statistics have proven that 100% of the people enter the market in search of the pot of gold but incredibly more than 85% don't make money from doing the supposedly right thing and even gladly accepting it!

In fact, it is insanity at the highest level as thousands of people keep doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result. If common sense is all one needs to be successful in trading then it is truly uncommon in the market.

One missing picture link in most systems is the Understanding of Human and Market Psychology. Most of the systems are about Technical Analysis which consist of the usual market favorite like the Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages or Break High Buy Higher methodologies which, in Kelvin's opinion, is a confirmed sure way to the poorhouse as thousands if not millions have tried it since Dow started in 1896 and only a handful have succeeded with it.

Instead, Kelvin Han, labeled by many as a true Master of Trading Psychology has integrated his 13 years of trading experiences, all the joy and agony, into one system and created the V3Go System.

V3Go System breaks all and conventional rules, and one of the most significant one is coaching people to Read the Chart from the Right to the Left instead! Who does that!?

The System nudges people to seek opportunities in CHAOS and HYSTERIA and profit from it with the lowest RISK involved. The System gives you the insights on how to use both Technical and Sentiment Analysis to your advantage and to increase trading odds to bag home the home runs you need to cover the smaller losses.

"We don't cut a loss because of no discipline or lack of Money Management but because our brain was never programmed to think that way. Let me enter into your mind and show you how to cut a loss without a hitch and let profit run, using subconscious mind programming. Nope, we don't use NLP."

Kelvin has shown many how he assisted his graduates to double or triple their trading accounts in less than 30-50 trading days with Real Life Statements for you to judge. He is not interested to trade for people but more interested to coach people to trade for a living and help give for the lesser fortunate people around us.