V3Go Mentoring Program

A Three Day Intense Knowledge Imparting Trading Course that totally revolutionalizes the way you see the market? Have you ever wondered if 90% of the traders lose $$$ in the market, who is the 10% then? If the majority of the retail investors lose money, wouldn't it be profitable simply by doing the opposite of what the average investors are doing?

"Oh... Just another Trading course which teaches you where to buy, where to cut loss and the trading psychology" You may think.
While V3Go technique is not a holy grail, what differentiates us are:

  1. 7 Techniques that are developed using Market Psychology - The cumulative effect of both the buyers and sellers' psychology

    • V3Go BC/SC - Advanced Trend line Technique for Buy and Sell.
    • V3Go TSC Channel - Channel that magically predicts the trading range for the day.
    • V3GO ROC Pattern - How to use chart patterns to recognize potential change of trend
    • V3Go Indicator - Catching the possible start of the cyclical wave, for long and short positions.
    • V3Go Diff Indicator - Find out when is the possible turning sentiment points of the market.
    • V3Go TAOS - Predicting the support and resistance for the market in the mid and long term in less than 1min of your time!
    • V3Go Money Management - A Professional way to understand Standard Deviation of the market flow and protect One's personal capital during trading/investment decision.

  2. Understanding the market

    • What actually happens during the trading?
    • Why is it that trading techniques can minimise losses?
    • Why is it that whenever I buy based on "proven" techniques (e.g. MA crossing, MACD cross over, RSI and Stochastic recovering from 20 level, etc), the market seems to know where to trigger my stop loss before reversing up?
    • Who is buying when the whole world is selling? Is there a conspiracy?

  3. V3Go Handholding

    • 2 sessions of 4 hours duration each whereby you will meet up with a trainer to clear all your doubts about the techniques.

  4. V3Go 10hours Live Trading Session

    • Trainer will trade live to let you see how the techniques are applied in real trading environment by trading with real-life account!
    • We are the only one who dares to trade live, putting ourselves on the line, using trading ideas from the Graduates!

  5. V3Go Graduates-Only Skype Conference Monday to Friday

    • V3Go Trainers and V3Go Seniors will share and provide extra coaching online on how to use the V3Go techniques during real time trading hours so that one can absorb and practice what they have learnt.
    • V3Go Trainers will provide timely and regular 'live' futures prices e.g. Dow Futures, S&P Futures, Hang Seng Futures at the conference so that everyone will be kept posted on the movement of the regional financial a and business breaking news.
    • V3Go Graduates will share their personal analysis on the conference so that everyone can benefit from it.

The 1+3+4+8 Special

As mentioned above, not only will you be entitled to 8 weeks of daily (Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 6pm (SIN Time)) online Skype Conference to interact with Kelvin and some of the V3Go Trainers and Seniors

And you will also be entitled to 1 V3Go Special T-shirt, 3 Special Books on Trading that given to you FREE, for your reading pleasure. (These are the books that I have read over and over again and I highly recommend them to you.)

And most importantly, you will be given 4 weeks FREE 'Live' Markets Data, provided by Telequote, to view Stocks, FOREX, Futures and commodities!!

Great Value!

The entire package only cost you, S$2988/pax.

If you are coming as a married coupled, I can give a discount.

If you are coming with 4 more of your friends, we can give YOU a 50% Discount for yourself! So do BRING more Friends as statistically PROVEN that, when you are undergoing courses with your friends around, you actually learn FASTER and BETTER!

With so many goodies waiting for you, I hope that you will attend my upcoming V3Go Mentoring Program.

We will be conducting our Mentoring course on regular periods of every 3 months in different countries. If you are interested, please contact us at Sales@V3Go.com and we will send you more details. We look forward to having you as part of our V3Go family.